"Ann and Will Rowland are two of the most seasoned musicians I've run across. Whether singing and playing a heart-wrenching ballad or diving into an earthy, up-tempo tune, Ann and Will have a sound that is always clear, pure and strong. I really love these two."
                                                                Brad Aspey ~ Interlochen Public Radio


"I applaud this talented couple for capturing the essence of each song and applying just the right production and attitude. It's refreshing to hear Ann & Will Rowland for their willingness to make an entertaining CD of songs they love - and you will love them, too."
                                                   John Lamb - Singer/Songwriter ~ springfed.org

"Ann has written some masterpieces. The songs say so much with so little and the music matches the words beautifully."
                                         Chuck Brodsky - Singer/Songwriter ~ chuckbrodsky.com

"12 gems! Picture of You is pure delight. Beautiful melodies, engaging harmonies. Music that comes right from the heart. Don't miss this one!"
                                      Johnathan Rand - Author ~ americanchillers.com

"It's music that tells a story by two people who believe what they are saying in the song. Every song bleeds originality."
                                                                        Mike Reling ~ WMJZ FM Radio


"They bring a warmth to the stage that is uncommon and cherished by their fans! Ann and Will are a phenomenal husband and wife duo that perform music "as it should be"
          Siusan O'Rourke - Singer/Songwriter ~ whitecrowconservatory.com